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Meet the Friends and Family of Rachele & Giuseppe Pracillio



2007 Open House: Wine Grape Harvest



2008 Open House: Wine Grape Harvest








Nov 2, 2008: Assumption Grotto Fundraiser

Assumption Grotto is a happening place. It seems there is hardly a week that goes by without something to go to. This was a worthy cause - a parish fundraiser.

Fr. Perrone hit the "ivories" near the end and one man decided to tip the player. Within the minutes, greenbacks were hitting the cup en masse.

Even the pastor's mother did some tipping of her own.



It was a very fun night. I'm sure it won't be Assumption Grotto's last wine-tasting fundraiser. 


A demonstration on making wine the old-fashioned way was participated in by several of the children in attendance. And....there were a few big kids getting into the action....




Above is Giuseppe Pracilio of the California Wine Grapes Company with Fr. Eduard Perrone.





It took Fr. Perrone a few minutes to notice what was going on, but by the time he had, some bigger bills started to drop into the cup. At the end, he declared that all money donated into the cup, including the dimes, nickels and pennies, would go towards the parish fundraiser. Now we know how to get our pastor to play the keys.










2009 Open House: Wine Grape Harvest