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Home Brewing: 

The Auto-Siphon

... Just Got Better!


NEW: Reduced Diameter (Regular and Mini only)

Now fits the neck of 1 gallon jugs.

Reaches right into the corner.

Easier to use with a full carboy.


NEW: Improved Design (All Models)

Prevents introduction of air at the seal.


  • Available in 3/8" Regular and 1/2" Large size for 5 gallon containers.
  • Now Available: our NEW 3/8" Mini size is perfect for 1 gallon jugs.
  • Single stroke action draws a siphon without disturbing sediment.
  • Precision designed for smooth, leak-free operation.
  • Solid, glue-bonded construction for simple sanitization and use.
  • Removable tip prevents siphoning of sediment. 


The Blast Bottle Washer....


  • Press down to rinse. Lift to stop.
  • Easy on plumbing.
  • Hot or cold water.
  • Rinses your tubing/hose.


The Double Blast Bottle Washer....

With The New Quick-Connect System


  • Instantly connects and disconnects.
  • Press down to rinse. Lift to stop.

  • Wide base guarantees stable operation in any sink.
  • Eliminates all stress on faucets and water-hammer damage to pipes.
  • Temperature resistant to 140 degrees F.
  • Includes custom nozzle for carboys.


  The Thief

A Sampler With a Difference...


  • Simply dip once for a quick sample.
  • Unique design allows you to insert a standard hydrometer directly into The Thief.
  • Just touch the tip to the rim to empty The Thief.
  • High grade acrylic for excellent clarity.
  • 19" in length.


  Bottle Fillers

Make Bottling Easier...

Fermtech's original springless fillers.

  • No spring means hands-free filling, simply lift to stop.
  • Sensitive tip allows you to top up the bottle if you desire.
  • All Fermtech products include complete instructions.

The SiphonValve

  • The most popular size for wine and beer.
  • The 3/8" acrylic tube fits a standard 5/16" x 7/16" hose.

The Wine Filler

  • High capacity filler for the volume wine maker (25 bottles in 8 min.)
  • The 1/2" acrylic tube fits a 7/16" x 9/16" siphon hose.


  Racking Tube Holder

Tired of stirring up sediment during siphoning?

This unique spring-loaded clamp holds the racking tube in place during siphoning. Universal design fits carboys, buckets, jugs and demijohns.

  • Start the siphon with the racking tube well above the sediment. If using a bucket, tip of racking tube should rest against far wall of bucket.
  • Slide racking tube to lowest corner.
  • Racking tube holder comes in two sizes, 3/8"; and 1/2".


  The Whip

If your wine kit instructions call for periodic, vigorous stirring to de-gas your wine; The Whip can save a lot of effort.

Using a standard 3/8" variable-speed drill, you can de-gas your wine in two minutes.

Very efficient and economical, it is also safe with glass.


 Wine on Tap

You don't have to bottle ALL of your wine ...

                                                ... now you can tap off a glass anytime!



  • This wine dispenser keeps up to 9 bottles of wine fresh for 6 months.
  • Store on a shelf for reds or in a fridge for whites. 


  • 1 Wine on Tap Container and Spout Retainer.
  • 1 Deluxe Dispensing Tap.
  • 1 sanitized Oxygen Barrier Bag.  


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