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Fondest Memories (from the webmaster):

Dear Rachele & Giuseppe,

Building your new Web-Site has been a true experience driven by love and passion per il vino. My family, like yours has many generation's of experience with wine making either by cultivating the vine or as my Great Grandfather and his sons had done for many years; they were merchants of grapes/almonds fico-d' -india & olives in an area called Lo-Zucco, Sicily. As a child, I along with my brother and two sisters grew-up very ethnic, grapes have not only been a mainstay to our Ancestors as a source of livelihood but also as a source of pride for all the hard work put forth by all the members of the Family. Many times while my Father and Uncle's were away to work I along with my brother was left to continue pressing the grapes. Memories from those days are eternally carved to be the best times of my life. Needless to say your grapes have also caused a lot of pain; pain that as a child was absolutely excruciating and caused by - BEES. Hundreds if not thousands of them would appear from no-where. The stingers would hurt so badly and we couldn't tell where they came from. Touch an empty box of grapes and WOW!! !. .. a bee would sting ... touch the wine press and another bee was waiting for us .. .let me tell you if the wine wasn't pressed by the time our Father and Uncle's got home the bees stings where the least of our worries (and even less painful than the re-percussions from not finishing our job)! Although, for today's standards, hard work is not expected from our children and what we did as children was considered even less than what our Ancestors had to endure. My family still enjoys both the sense of famiglia by processing the grapes as well as sharing from a single glass of Vino every evening to recant the day's events. I am exceptionally proud of my heritage and who I am today and quite frankly I found the same values within both yourself and Giuseppe. Many people who have discovered you and Giuseppe as the successor proprietors are glad that you are both so resourceful for your knowledge of the wine-making industry. I took it upon myself to have this site shine as a beacon of your hard work and trust to the Detroit Community. I thank you for the opportunity to have worked with such great people as well as allowing my personal labels and images from my Cantina onto your web-site. As always I am so very grateful for all that comes from California Wine Grape Co. and the respect I receive from Rachele and Giuseppe Pracillio.
As for the bee's we got a bit older and even wiser once we found what a shop-vac could do. Ooh the fun we had, once our job was done, by letting those guys out in our back
yard ... RUN!!!! !. .. was all we could do!
And yes, today my children too work the grapes just as I have and they have to put-up with issue of having many bees present when squeezing the grapes. I am hopeful that they will come to there own conclusion (soon - for their benefit) for tolerating the BEES!
For all those memories and some of the Stingers that didn't come from the bees I Thank my mother and father; Rosa e' Rosolino and to my Zizi's; Salvatore e' Domenico as well as my brother Sam & my Americano friend Kenny Novack for all the fun we had.


Giuseppe Pracilio


Age 1




Origine di San Salvo

provincia di Chieti

nell Abruzzo 














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